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My fee structure is as follows;

* $180.00 per session which is approximately 1 hour *

Price includes reading your leaves in your Tea Cup and also the use of  Tea Cards to take an overall view into your future with my interpretation.

The cards I use are my own deck of cards collected from a range of beautiful eclectic images from my childhood days or my latest deck of cards that are hand drawn by me.  They are some of the most commonly in teacup readings.  They are quite delightful to use and to read and can produce a profound amount of information and they are very literal in foretelling the future events in ones life. 


I am the owner and designer of Tea With Karin Tea Leaf Reading cards®™ and I self publish and distribute only my own creative works. All creative works and my collection of my Tea Leaf Reading Cards are owned and copyrighted by me.  Any reproductions are an infringement of copyright.





Appointment times must be strictly adhered to and I'm sorry to advise that lateness cannot be tolerated.  This also applies to arriving extremely early for an appointment. I have strict time frames in place in order to accommodate my clients and therefore cannot run overtime or commence early when appointment times are scheduled consecutively.   


Readings are conducted in my private home in a comfortable and secure surrounding.  You are more than welcome to bring a friend if you feel comfortable with them at close proximity to your reading and are happy enough to disclose things of a private nature.  I do not have a private waiting room for your guests.

Children are not permitted to be present at any reading as they are a distraction to both you as the enquirer and I when concentration level is required during a reading.

Please ensure that if you are unable to make your appointment time as scheduled you have the courtesy to let me know if you are not coming as planned.  Non show appointments without notification will not be rescheduled.

Bookings by appointment only.  Please text or email your enquiries to 0414 503 797 or as I am not always available by phone.

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