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Welcome to the world of Tea leaf Reading with a 21st century twist.  I have a very unique way of doing my tea readings.  We sit and have tea and while you are having your tea we explore your future using my tea leaf reading cards®™.  
I'm an intuitive tea leaf reader. I have been reading tea leaves for friends and family for some years & now have decided to help others see what fortune lies ahead. I use both my internationally recognised tea leaf reading cards together with the leaves left in your teacup to look at what lies ahead for you.
My readings are based in my home in Berwick with plenty of free secure street parking. Bookings by appointment only.
Please text or email your enquiries to 0414 503 797 or info@teawithkarin.com as I am not always available by phone. 

Tea Cards by Karin


I am very proud to be an internationally recognised published author of my very own sTEAmpunk tea leaf fortune telling cards, published by Animal Dreaming Publishing.  
My very own Tea Cards. Designed by me.  These are a wonderful tool for looking at ones overall future with multiple areas to look into.  A bit like a large interactive map of your future that we get to look at certain aspects of your life. 
I am so proud to announce that hey have won the International Tarot Foundations Carta awards in two categories.  Firstly they are the winner of best oracle deck 2019 and then another award from the judges themselves.  This is an amazing honour and I am truly humbled by the support from the divination community worldwide. 

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