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Frequently asked questions

What if I don't drink tea?

This is  a common question and the answer is that you do not have to be a tea drinker in order to transfer your energy into a tea cup for a reading.  We simply do another form of tea ceremony and then I will gladly make you a coffee if that is your choice.  I do NOT perform coffee readings.

What type of tea do you use?


I use a small leaf black tea as in my experience I find that small leaf tea forms the best pictures in a cup for a reading.  I actually blend my own special leaf blend for tea leaf reading.

Do you perform other sorts of readings or divination?


I also provide Tea Card Readings with the use of Tea Charms. All these forms of divination tools are a delight to read and with wonderful results and very predictive answers.  Tea Cards are totally different to Tarot Cards and I'm sorry but I do not read Tarot cards however, I'm happy to recommend a well known tarot reader if you are strictly seeking only tarot reading.

Do you do email readings?

No I no longer perform email readings due to the amount of time and information that is required to be written down.  I do offer Zoom, Skype, Facebook video messenger and iPhone FaceTime for readings if you are unable to meet with me in person.  Please email or text for further information.

I have an allergy to cats?

Please note I have two indoor Ragdoll cats that are part of my family.  They are extremely people friendly so if you have an allergy or fear of cats then I ask please to let me know prior to your reading.  My reading room is strictly a NO CAT policy of them ever entering the room so please rest assured of a cat free zone.  I assure you I am not the mad cat lady, lol :) and your comfort is of utmost importance to me.

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