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Wow it's hard to believe we are in June already.  Here in Melbourne, Australia it's the beginning of winter and we have had a few cold snappy mornings to shock us into gear.  Winter is a wonderful time for some nice spicy warm cups of tea.  If you love Chai tea it is a great winter warm belly feeling type of tea.  Me personally I love all the black leaf teas and my favorite go to tea is a lovely Indian tea called Assam.  It is a lovely full bodied tea and also a brilliant tea leaf size to read with.

Many people ask me, "what is a great tea to read with?"  Well the short answer is any tea you like to drink with.  Old school tea readers only ever read fine leaf black tea as that was all that was on hand.  As a modern day tea leaf reader I read with any type of tea whether it's plain, fruity, flowery or green tea.  I was raised with good old fashion black tea in the household called "Tynee Tips Tea" which is still available here in Australia.  

So while we are chatting about types of tea for tea leaf reading, I'm going to put this question out to all of you both online and my in person client base is, how many of you would like to learn the basics of tea cup reading?  Please can you reply by return email to and let me know as I'm gathering up interest to see if it's worthwhile for me to put a course structure together.  Stay tuned.

I have been extremely busy this last weekend and days leading up to it as I was exhibiting at the Mind Body & Spirit Festival here in Melbourne over four days.  It was a frantic weekend to say the least.  I had a wonderful time and met so many beautiful people there are too many to name.  I was very blessed that the MBS crew took a fabulous short video of me while at the exhibition.  Here is the link if you wish to view my stand at the expo.

Well I'm off to grab a nice warm cup of Assam tea and put my feet up. 

Until next time, go and grab yourself a nice cup of tea.

Hello everyone and welcome to May.  

I can't believe it's this far into the year already.  Melbourne is starting to show us a lot of cool days now so pretty soon time to bring out the winter woolies.  

Today is Mothers Day and it's been wonderful to receive messages of "Happy Mother's Day" even from some of the younger clients I have seen several times over the years. How lucky am I to have all these extra adoptee children in my life, thank you. I have to say I am feeling so truly blessed having touched so many lives over the years in my little tea room at home and I want to share with you all some of my history.  

You see my life wasn't always as I am today and tea leaf reading goes a long way back for me when I was just a girl growing up in a little state of Tasmania, Australia.  I am the youngest child of five children and I remember when I was young that my own mum would sit around having tea and scones with some of her friends (which we called Aunty, as that was how it was back then) and there was often a giggle over tea cups.  Sadly my Mother is in her late 80's now and she can't remember a lot about the past due to mild dementia and when I asked my dear sister Annie, she too can't remember much about it either. History has a way of doing this and information gets lost over the years. I am fortunate enough too now that my own daughter is also a very gifted reader, so I know I've done something right along the way. 

I married very young and moved to the country and in Tasmania where I grew up there was an old lady who lived in the country not far from where we lived and she was very well known tea leaf reader. I used to go with my late sister in law to visit her on a several occasions and we always came away with so much information. The truth that lady saw in the tea cups was scarily accurate and we were often freaked out by her forecasts.  It is often very true that a tea reading is extremely literal, in the sense of what you see, is what you get.  Sadly my dear sister in law passed away many years a ago so no longer with us to share her cup stories with you all, and there were some good cups along with some difficult cups and I wish she was still with us to tell you more.

It's so lovely now to see that tea leaf reading is now seen more of a serious form of divination for old and young alike and each person takes what they will from their tea leaf reading.  I am happy to see how society views a "reading" as more acceptable and people are happy to talk about their experiences.  I had this conversation not so long ago with a friend of mine about how people are happy to talk to friends or family about a "reading experience" if are going through troubled times, yet sadly they would not express anything to family or friends if they needed to approach a counselor.  Many readers walk a very fine line between a reader and a counselor.  A good experienced reader will have a list of resources to access for their clients if they feel the client needs more professional services.  It's important for the client to understand that with a reading we can only provide you with what messages that come through at the given time and we refer to the leaves, cards etc for guidance for your future path.  

Well enough of me waffling on.  Stay warm Melbournians and don't forget to stop by to say hello when I am exhibiting at the Melbourne Mind, Body and Spirit Festival June 9th - 12th. Mark this in your diary now.   I will be on stand B09 and entry is FREE top the actual expo itself.  I will be reading traditional tea cups as well as tea leaf reading charms. I can barely wait, so pretty soon I'll be counting down the sleeps. 



April 2017 Newsletter
Welcome to April everyone.  Well we have experienced some very sad times here in Australia with our north eastern coast line hit by Cyclone Debbie causing major devastation and losses that is felt across the nation.  Please all give blessings to those in great need.
It has been a busy month for me in my little tea room and I’ve met and had the pleasure of reading for a wonderful array of people and shared many life changing moments.  It’s so lovely to see such a large repeat client base and the friend of friend referrals too are such a delight and its confirmation I am on the right path in sharing my leaves with you all.

Let’s talk about positivity and how our attitude and our actions influence it. When we see successful and positive people absolutely bubby over with enthusiasm many look at people like this with envy instead of taking action about it for themselves. Firstly, lets get to the nitty gritty of why these positive people have so much effervescence, where others can’t simply find their bubble. The positive people have two main things going on and firstly that is how they think and secondly how they act. 

The mind is a powerful thing and and your thoughts generate through your body and naturally it expresses what’s going in the mind. The biggest difference between the positive people is negative self talk.  Things like, “I can’t do this” or “with my luck, I’ll fail.”  This is self destructive on so many levels and something we are going to work on at changing. Sounds too simple I hear you say.  So this month I want you to test this out for yourself.  Set yourself mini goals and aim for better self talk like, “I want to …and I can” or “I’ll do what it takes to achieve xyz.” Try these simple shifts of thought processes and see how much more you attract the good things in your life.  













I have chosen the “Moon” symbol for you this month as the core meaning is about our emotions and the easiest way to look at the moon is remember the moon is your mirror.  It displays all your thoughts and feelings and sometimes facing up to these feelings can be a very enlightening experience.  Reflect what you want to receive.

Thank you to all my valued clients both repeat clients as well as many new ones.  It is my greatest pleasure to have crossed paths with you.  If you or your friends and family wish to make a booking for a reading whether its in person or perhaps through Skype I use an online booking portal which makes it much easier for you to see availability and book online. Please feel free to share this link. 

Have a wonderful month, until next time be safe and happy and show the world how beautiful you are. 

Newsletter for March 2017










Sorry folks this is a little bit late, I have been without a computer for over a week so sadly having to rely on a phone and an iPad. So let us take a look at March.

I've done a card draw to have a look what is in store this month for us all. Here I am using the “Parallel paragon” deck and the cards drawn are as follows: axe fish, clock, cards, drum.

These cards here tell me it is time to cut away all the old things we no longer need, enjoy the fun and freedom of with good friends and people around us. Make some important plans and do so in a timely fashion, and it is important to listen to oneself like the steady beat of our own heart we must listen deep within us and make every day count.  

I have seen quite a few clients already this month and we are only the 10th which is so lovely to see that I am truly on my right path and helping wonderful people like yourself.  Thank you to all of you for the wonderful support and reviews on my True Local website I appreciate each and everyone of them, your reviews ensure that my Google status is staying on top which will assist others on their journey.  So effectively your reviews you also are helping people without you even realizing it.

Many people are not aware that I also do Skype, iPhone FaceTime or even Facebook video readings, so you can be anywhere in the world sitting in your lounge room and still enjoy the experience of reading.  I'm actually very technology savvy so when you have a Skype reading you get photographs and if you wish an MP4 voice recording to go with your photo’s of the actual reading. I still have you pick a cup from my tea room and you get to experience looking into the leaves in your cup as well, just like have been sitting in my tea room sharing a cup of tea with me. :)  Just email me on for any further queries about Skype readings.

Happy March guys and hopefully my Laptop will be up and running for April.  Not fun using an iPad and iPhone to do all my work on. :(


February 2017 newsletter.


Let’s talk about love and relationships for this month seeing that it’s valentine’s day on February 14th.


Many people come to see me as a tea leaf reader when there is an issue in their love life. Quite often they call me when emotions are highly charged and they are in need of some answers there and then.   It is not an unusual practice for any type of psychic reader for people calling wanting to see them impromptu as they don’t feel comfortable talking about the problem with a friend or a family member.


In this picture of a tea cup from a very emotional young gentleman you can see the emotions and feelings in his relationship. This cup was a twelve-month time frame so this cup told me that in approximately 5 months there will be a rather heated discussion and one of them feel extremely trapped in the relationship and wanting to leave.  The most important symbol in this cup for this young man is the large bee and the music note.  The large bee represented for this young man that far too many people are involved in their relationship and this will leave one of them feeling hurt and in order for harmony to be restored they clearly must be left to sort out their own love and feelings for each other.  The number 3 upside down here speaks of a three-way relationship.  Now in saying this everyone automatically jumps to conclusions of who is having an affair.  The answer is 99.9% of the time there is NO OTHER PARTNER but instead an interfering family member, friends, hobbies or workaholics who are literally married to their job.  So if you are worried or suspicious of someone else in your relationship, first ask yourself is he/she just working long hours or dedicated to friends, hobbies or family members?  Don’t just assume and jump to conclusions.


Further around in this young mans cup was more positive news for him where the clouds were finally lifting off his shoulders and communication, peace and harmony was restored for him and his partner. To see the children touching and dancing in the cup meant renewed joy and happy times were entering his life again. To see a face in the cup looking back at you is a delight as it means what this young man is reflecting he is finally able to see this in himself.


Now don’t forget that it is Valentines day on the 14th February so note it in your diary or phone to honour someone special to you.  Regardless of whether you have a partner or not, honour a parent or child, even that special friend that is worthy of your love.


Have a wonderful month and a blessed Valentines day for all.



Wow it’s 2017 and here we are.   Many of us sit and contemplate our future direction and what does 2017 hold for us.  This is a year of new beginnings and for people who may not understand numbers this is how we work it out.  2017 is 2+1+1+7 = 10, 1+0 =1 1, is a new start of our life cycle.  For many people each new year is a new beginning so sit back a few moments and contemplate some of the goals and things you want to achieve for YOU this coming year. I encourage each and every person to start a vision board or a journal and start collecting, logging, journaling or even photographing some of the goals, objects and passions you are truly wanting to achieve.  It’s well known that once we surround ourselves with these visuals we begin to weave these goals into our lives, so start yours today.

A year in the life of a tea cup reader.  Well where do I begin. It’s been a fabulous year for me and I have been so blessed to meet so many wonderful people both here in my little tea room for readings in person, at expos and those of you online.  I have done a couple of major expos in 2016 which was a fabulous and very exciting adventure for me in moving “Tea With Karin” to the next level.  I have developed a few more decks of my tea leaf reading cards and these are shipped all over the world and it’s wonderful to see them being used by many professional readers worldwide. My gratitude and thanks is unmeasurable to those who support my products and also help make the spiritual world a little more open that there are alternatives to other forms of card readings.  I am feeling a little more hopeful that 2017 will be a year for even more doorways to open for my tea leaf reading cards and I have met some amazing people late in 2016 that I hope we connect on the same path to see my cards distributed even more worldwide that they are currently. Watch this space for updates.
Over the last 12 months I have seen many new loves, babies and career goals for the many people I have done tea leaf readings for.  And I do love oh so much receiving the news and updates from you all. I wish you all a fabulous 2017 and I look forward to sharing many more cups of tea with you all.
A quote that is on many of my cards says, “There is no trouble so great or so grave that cannot be diminished by a nice cup of tea” and I live by this motto that troubles once shared seem a little less scary to deal with.

I will be announcing through this year at a little later date some wonderful classes both in webinars or here in person.  Stay tuned as I will send a shout out when I have this ready to launch.

Love and blessings for a new beginning for you.


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