Fortuneteller teacups by Tea With Karin

Things have been busy here at Tea With Karin, and I am so proud and excited to bring to you my very own fortune teller teacups.  Woohoo, happy dance time.  Cha cha cha…..


Tea With Karin fortune teller teacups are all commercially made teacups, that have been re-created with the added benefit of 32 symbols that are based on tasseography symbols right back to the late 1700's. This brings fortune telling from a teacup into our 21st century in a fun and interesting format.   


Each teacup is a standard breakfast style & size, a standard teacup which holds approximately 200-210mls of liquid.  Each cup comes with a small amount of my very own tea leaf reading mix and a booklet for the symbol meanings.


These teacups are fully usable to drink from and all food safe products have been used during the re-creation process.  They have been thoroughly put through the use of boiling water in them, the scratch test and normal hand washing process.  Most cups are dishwasher safe, however, that is NOT recommended due to loss of any metallic details. 


Fortune teller teacups in the days of old were used much like a parlour game and a little like the modern day magic 8 ball that speaks the forecasts when you shake it. As far as my research goes they were not used as serious divination, having said that, it's not to say you couldn't foretell your daily forecast from your morning cup of tea for a fun lighthearted look into what your day will bring.  They are a collector piece to treasure and make for some interesting conversations.


To use this item all you need to do is make yourself a cup of tea with approximately 1/4 of a teaspoon of loose-leaf tea. Enjoy the cup of tea until you have a small amount of fluid in the bottom of your cup, then swirl gently and tip over on your saucer to remove all excess water and then look at where the tea lands on which symbol then check your booklet for the meanings.


Tracked shipping is my preferred method of shipping for my teacups.  There are some countries that are excluded so please contact me PRIOR to the purchase if you feel you are in a high-risk country for a postal loss.
Your internal images are permanently fired on to the chinaware and are quite robust, however, hand wash only is recommended. If your cup of choice has any gold or silver details then please do not use in a microwave due to the metallic properties.  Tea With Karin or Karin Dalton-Smith will not be liable for any damage caused by improper use of this teacup & saucer.  By the purchase of this teacup & saucer set, you are agreeing to the terms & conditions on the website, 


May you have many fortunate readings with these delightful cups.


Pictured below are some of the various designs.


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