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Tea Leaf Reading Cards by Karin

My tea leaf reading cards have been created from the symbols that are most commonly found in the teacups that I read when performing a traditional tealeaf reading for my many clients. 


Not everyone is a tea drinker and these tealeaf-reading cards are to make life easy as they are portable enough to pop into your pocket or bag, ready to do a tealeaf reading anywhere, at anytime.


Tealeaf reading images are endless, so after quite some time of gathering information I have condensed these symbols to the most commonly used symbols that I have found applicable to most people, who have very busy lives in todays modern world.  Every tealeaf symbol  is different on each card.


I am the owner and designer of Tea With Karin Tea Leaf Reading cards and I self publish and distribute only my own creative works. All creative works and my collection of my Tea Leaf Reading Cards are owned and copyrighted by me.  Any reproductions are an infringement of copyright.

My card decks are professionally printed on premium 310gsm linen finish.

Booklet with symbol dictionary included.

Organza bag to keep your cards beautiful. 

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reading cards.

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How to read my Tea Cards

This is a short video on how I use my tea cards during a reading.   My cards can be used with any other card reading spreads.  


This is just a brief explanation and will give a very indepth general reading that is to cover most aspects of ones life.


Tea Leaf Reading Charms

I'm also very excited to bring you my Tea Leaf Reading charms.  


This is a collection of 50 different charms that are tea symbols that are used either scattered on their own or can be used with casting sheets.  This is a very old form of divination and it's very exciting to run your fingers through the charms and scatter to forecast your future.


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This link will continue to my Etsy store.

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