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FREE COURSE AVAILABLE. Just ask me in the notes. 


☕️ Beautiful 3D embossed teacup.


☕️ There is a small Chinese word meaning great luck, many blessings, happiness and abundance on the side of this stunning teacup. The pattern is embossed on both teacup and saucer. Beginning in the Tang Dynasty, probably around 566 AD, the emperor's special color for clothing was determined to be yellow.


☕️The images in this teacup are 32 coloured tasseography images that cover all of life’s questions.


☕️ All images are FOOD SAFE.  The process is totally LEAD FREE, so no harsh chemicals or nasties used.   All our teacups are created using professional, commercial equipment.  They are NOT vinyl stickers that some sellers are advertising as permanent.  Always be wary if a seller says, “decorative use only” as that means its likely only a sharpie transfer image or some other home painting project which is not permanent.  This tea set is meant to be used and enjoyed year after year, not  just something to sit and look pretty on the shelf. 


☕️ Each teacup comes with a little booklet of symbol dictionary for the inside of the teacup images & an optional FREE course. This course is available upon request only. You will not be automatically enrolled as we don’t want to spam you. Please let us know in the notes. (Course value of $110AUD.)


☕️ Teaspoon pictured is included. My gift to you. 😊


☕️ VEGAN friendly. My teacups are made in a vegan friendly method of production and alternative to the traditional bone china whilst still maintaining it’s beautiful finish and structure.  No animal products or bone ash used.


☕️Here is a fabulous video that gives you all the hints and tips on how to use my Fortune teller teacups.


☕️Caring for your teacup set. I have put my teacups through major testing before I started selling these. You can view the video here to see what I did with them.


☕️Yes, we do combine shipping. If you purchase a combination of items and you have overpaid for shipping, our integrity is to always refund any excess shipping charges to what the actual shipping cost is.


☕️We also can laybuy/layaway/part payments, please msg us for details.


☕️Add-on options: Karin’s own tea leaf reading blend of loose leaf tea. Each bag contains 25 grams of loose leaf tea and when using for only tea leaf reading a pinch of tea is all you need. By using only a pinch of tea each bag would make between 30-50 reading cups. There is a lovely Japanese Sencha Green tea that has a light strawberry taste to it. The other choice of tea is a black tea with a lovely fragrant tea with rose petals, cornflowers with a hint of berry taste. Both of these teas are wonderful served either hot or as an iced tea. Each teacup is a standard breakfast style & size, a standard teacup which holds approximately 200-210mls of liquid.


☕️ These teacups are made of either porcelain or new bone china and these should NOT be placed on any cup warmers, gaslight or tea light warmers. They are not made to withstand direct heat such as this. If your cup of choice has any gold or silver details then please do not use in a microwave due to the metallic properties.


☕️  SHIPPING: All teacup items are sent with standard tracked services. Standard tracked services in many countries does NOT require a signature. Tea With Karin does not take any responsibility for loss or damage of article by any shipping company or delivery services once it leaves Australia.  When your item/s enters your country, it is then in the control of your country’s shipping/mailing system and not the responsibility of Tea With Karin®™ or Australia Post.


☕️  NOTE: There are no refunds for “change of mind” and in the event of any damage upon arrival you will be asked to provide photographic evidence in order for assessment of refund or replacement, if available. Many of these teacups are unique one of a kind and a replacement may not always be available. Tea With Karin®™ will not be responsible for any normal wear & tear with use of these teacups. Tea With Karin or Karin Dalton-Smith will not be liable for any damage caused by improper use of this teacup & saucer. By the purchase of this teacup & saucer set, you are agreeing to the terms & conditions on the website,

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