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6 methods of divination all in a one stop kit to go.  What better value can you get. 


Labyrinth Through Time®™ will help you discover your soul’s journey. It will prepare you for the path ahead as you deepen your connection with spirit and 

explore the self’s complexities. 


Unlock your destiny by exploring the doorways to discover hidden realms between past, present and future, promoting and inspiring inner growth and messages from loved ones in the spirit world. 


Now turn the key to enter your        

Labyrinth Through Time®™ 


For an overview of what gifts you can do with this system, copy/paste this link to YouTube video.


There are six divination pieces in one tin. Mat with two sides. Cards. Dice. Pendulum. Charms (optional extra). What isn’t to love about this bundle. 🎉 


🔮 THIS KIT HAS 3 OPTIONS. Choose from below. 


🔮 OPTION 1: Labyrinth Through Time®™ kit includes reversible circle casting mat. 36 European mini sized cards. 1 x 12 sided dice. 1 x Amethyst pendulum.  76 page extensive instruction book with step by step pictures to guide you how to use. Packaged in pale gold screw lidded tin. Tin measures 11.5cmm diameter x 4cm high (4 1/2” diameter x 1 1/2” high). 


🔮 OPTION 2: ALL of option 1, PLUS a 50 set charm kit with symbol dictionary.


🔮OPTION 3: Velvet table mat 51cm x 51cm (20”x20”). The mat only option is only available to people who have already purchased the Labyrinth Through Time™ kit or if you are adding it as an option while purchasing your Labyrinth Through Time™ kit.  It is not available if you have not already got this kit, however, you can purchase it as a bundle with the tinned kit. If you place an order for mat only and you are not on the prior purchase list, your order will be refunded in full and cancelled if you do not wish to purchase the full tinned kit. The Labyrinth Through Time™ is a complete divination system in its own right and must be coordinated with cards and charms, which are not sold separately.


🔮 Every purchaser of this system is automatically enrolled to Karin’s course platform which has a 45 minute mini course of instruction if you wish to view it.  If you don’t have access, no stress, as all the information in the video is exactly what is written in your booklet. 


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This is such an exciting project for me to design.  It is a one-stop package that has layer upon layer.  You will receive the flexible spandex mat that is a reversible circle approximately 30cm (12inches) diameter.  36 cards (25 image cards + 11 word cards) Size of the cards are European mini which is 44mm x 67mm made of beautiful quality 300gsm cardstock from a professional commercial printer.  This new material is fully washable and folds nice and compact to bundle up in your tin.


Care Instructions:

Hand or gentle machine wash at thirty degrees or cold, do not use chlorine based bleach or harsh detergents, do not iron, do not dry clean, avoid spin dry, squeeze off water, hang to dry in shade, do not tumble, avoid rough surfaces, sun cream can damage fabric


This system is my creative endeavour and is fully protected under my international trademark, Tea With Karin®™ This is my very own unique reading system.  I own all rights both intellectual property and design facets.  Under no circumstances are my unique ideas, designs and methods to be reproduced in any shape or form and anyone to do so will be prosecuted legally. All creative works and my collection of my Tea Leaf Reading Cards and any corresponding instruction booklets are owned and copyrighted by me.  Any reproductions are an infringement of copyright.


****Note: There are certain countries that I have experienced great difficulties in shipping goods to. Please enquire by message to me if you feel your location may be in a hard to reach category.  If you have placed your order and are in a difficult to reach shipping location I shall refund you in full.



VAT is NOT included, buyers are responsible for any duties, fees, and taxes due to their country. We do not mark any purchases as gifts for insurance purposes.


Please make sure that your address details are correct as this is the address that I will use to ship your order. Keep in mind that this is an international shipping and if your address is incorrect, I will not take any responsibility in delays and item lost. No blame or refund will be accepted, its your responsibility to provide the correct complete accurate address.

Labyrinth Charm Casting Set Oracle Cards Not Tarot Fortune Teller Divinatio

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