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Get ready for an exciting offer! When you purchase the 50-set charm kit, you will receive free enrollment in Karin's online charm reading course, valued at $110AUD. Please note that this course is available upon request only to ensure a spam-free experience. Simply let us know in the notes section if you wish to be enrolled.


As a bonus, we will email you 10 casting sheets in PDF format for you to conveniently print at home. Additionally, the charm kit includes printed meanings to enhance your charm reading practice.


Please be mindful that this listing offers multiple options, so choose carefully based on your preferences. If you select the chakra option, kindly specify in the notes whether you prefer silver metal chakras or colored 1" coin chakras.


Please note that due to our supplier, the charms themselves may vary slightly in color, shape, or material. Rest assured that regardless of these slight variations, they all represent the same tea symbols that I use consistently.


As the owner and designer of Tea With Karin®™ Tea Leaf Reading cards, I take pride in self-publishing and distributing only my own creative works. All creative works, including my collection of Tea Leaf Reading Cards and associated instruction booklets, are copyrighted and owned by me. Any unauthorized reproductions are strictly prohibited and considered copyright infringement.

Divination Charms. Add-On Kit of 50

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